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Publication Services in National Media

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We provide press release services in the most popular national media in Indonesia.

We also provide backlink services + article placement in quality, cheapest, and trusted national media.

Don't worry, our team has more than 4 years of experience working with the editorial staff of 130++ national media.

vip onlenpedia

Note: if you want it cheaper, you can only visit our websites (starting from IDR 50K)

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Advantages of Our Service

Best Price

Prices are very competitive, and you can choose according to your budget

130+ Media Nasional

There are more than 130 popular national media in Indonesia (will continue to grow)

Pengerjaan on Time

Timely and professional manufacturing and publishing process.

This Service Is Perfect For:

  • Owner of brand / product / service
  • Company owner / start-up
  • Public figure / influencer
  • Specific community
  • Shopee sellers who want to fulfill one of the Shopee Mall verification requirements (covered by 5 well-known online media)
  • Website / blog owners who want to get quality backlinks.
vip onlenpedia

Example of Press Release:

Terms and Conditions

  • Articles are made by our team according to the editorial standards of each media
  • Clients can provide several briefs / requests
  • All drafts must be approved / ACC approved by the client before we send it to the editorial desk
  • Do not accept requests for hard selling articles
  • Accept requests for soft selling articles, but with certain terms and conditions
  • Maybe there will be a slight change (according to the editorial policy), but it does not change the content and context of the press release article
  • Accept all requests, in addition to the themes below:
    - Gambling
    - Pornography
    - Provocation
    - Hate speech
    - SARA
    - Fundraising/donation
    - Politic campaign
    - Unofficial medicine & food.


  1. Make sure you read the disclaimer information first before deciding to order.
  2. Articles that will be published are adjusted to the press release style of each media
  3. The final decision on the title of the press release is on the side of each media (cannot be revised)
  4. Publishing can be faster if there is no queue, or vice versa if the queue is crowded.
  5. Onlenpedia's VIP is only an intermediary and does not have full control over the service.


Processing takes between 4-5 days.

The client pays in full, we make the article, the client checks the article, the article is okay, we send it to the editor, then the process is published.

Sorry, the media only wants to accept 100% advance payment.

Yes, but with certain terms and conditions.

The media rejects the niches of porn, gambling, poker, illegal, sara, provocation, politic campaign, donation collection, drugs & unofficial food and the like, other than this it certainly can.

The maximum number of backlinks is 1 (one) and dofollow.

What are you waiting for, immediately promote your product / business in the leading national media in Indonesia!

Price list of press releases Backlink price list Package price list

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